Fieldmanager 1.0: Professor Farnsworth

Good news, everyone! Today we released Fieldmanager 1.0.

This release is the culmination of 1,070 commits, by 24 people, spread out over 3.5 years. Thanks and shout-outs to all those who have contributed to Fieldmanager to make this release possible (in order of commits):

mboynes, bcampeau, netaustin, danielbachhuber, nschoenholtz, dlh01, xmattus, stevenslack, jitendraharpalani58, amaschas, joshkadis, firejdl, goldenapples, montchr, mattheu, joshbetz, ericandrewlewis, aaronjorbin, srtfisher, enrico-sorcinelli, alexisbellido, dmachat, zgreen, and matthewspencer.

On to 1.1!