Fieldmanager 1.2.6: Now with Gutenberg Compatibility

Fieldmanager 1.2.6 has been released, which you can download from our releases page on GitHub.

Version 1.2.6 solves a problem with dynamic field initialization in Fieldmanager metaboxes when the new block editor, Gutenberg, is active. If available, it utilizes the new¬†wp.domReady helper to load Fieldmanager’s JavaScript so that it doesn’t attempt to initialize dynamic fields before they have fully loaded. Additionally, it uses the version constant to bust the asset cache on platforms like WordPress VIP, so you can be certain that you are always getting the correct JavaScript for the version of Fieldmanager that you are using.

This release was thoroughly tested on several high traffic sites over the past few months in a beta stage without demonstrating any adverse effects. However, if you discover any problems while using the new version, please report them using our issues page on GitHub.