Contexts / Quickedit Context

Read More: Fieldmanager_Context_QuickEdit

Adds fields to the Quickedit box in the post list screen, and saves data to post meta.

The Quickedit box in the post list screen can be used to make inlineĀ edits to a post, or to make bulk edits to many posts.

In order to add fields to the Quickedit box, it’s necessary to add an additional column to the post list table. If you don’t want this cluttering your interface, This column can be hidden using the “Screen Options” settings. The value that displays in the cell comes from theĀ callable argument (third function argument). This argument can be any PHP callable.



Additional References


  1. Example 1: Basic Field

    add_action( 'fm_quickedit_post', function() {
    	$fm = new Fieldmanager_TextField( array(
    		'name' => 'demo',
    	) );
    	$fm->add_quickedit_box( 'Basic Field', 'post', function( $values ) {
    		return ! empty( $values['demo'] ) ? $values['demo'] : '';
    	} );
    } );